Does Alcohol Weaken the Immune System? Yes, If You Drink Too Much

Heavy drinkers often report more frequent cases of pneumonia due to the immune system’s inability to fight off infections within the lungs. It’s a sad truth that excessive alcohol consumption affects many in their lifetime. At any one time, over 7% of American adults suffer from alcohol addiction. It’s well-documented that such addiction can lead to liver failure and heart problems, amongst numerous mental health issues.

Suppose you understand you have an addictive and notice a clear pattern of increased consumption. Adults should drink in moderation, if they drink alcohol at all. If you do choose to drink alcohol, it’s always better to drink less than to drink more. Research has found that alcohol interferes with immunological pathways. These abnormalities can hinder the body’s ability to naturally defend against infection, along with organ damage impaired tissue healing. Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin’s deeper layers that causes pain, swelling, and, redness in the skin’s infected area.

Alcohol-Related Diseases

Cut down on your alcohol consumption over time, take it slow, and always seek a doctor who can advise you on how best to do so. Despite the damaging effects of alcohol on the immune system, it is still possible to decrease your risk of contracting COVID-19 and other viral infections by reducing the amount you drink. You are drinking alcohol in excess decreases the effectiveness of Interferon. Your immune system produces this protein in response to an infection or virus.

Once a wound has healed, excess does alcohol weaken your immune system can impair the ability of your immune system’s macrophages, also known as “scavenger” cells, to remove excess scar tissue. This process means that any injuries or cuts will heal at a slower rate. Qualifying as an alcoholic means having a mental and physical dependence on alcohol.

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This inflammation works to kill pathogens and infected cells. However, excessive drinking can decrease the production of T cells which results in a weaker immune system. What Does It Mean When You Have Liver Pain After Drinking Alcohol? Learn the signs of liver disease and what to do if you have a painful liver after drinking alcohol. Nonalcoholic and Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease You can treat fatty liver disease with diet and exercise. Learn the signs and symptoms of fatty liver disease, whether it is alcoholic or nonalcoholic in origin.

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Although regular heavy drinking is clearly the worst for your immune system, binge drinking can also knock out your immune system temporarily. We’ve seen that certain immune system, key soldiers like I’m going to use a term macrophages, which is a type of a first line of defense that ingests and clears inhaled germs to shorten. And I apologize to my pharmacology and physiology colleagues, but giant, I’m naked in a way that hopefully can be, is type of white blood cell part of our immune system. Uh, some people say, you know, I really want to do an inventory on who I am. I’ve got more ability to do that now, even if it’s, you know, spread over several weeks.

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